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Welcome to Sterling Oil

Premium quality oils from a leading UK automobile industry lubricant manufacturer.

Sterling Oil manufacture and supply high quality automotive lubricants, including a wide range of engine oils to customers worldwide. Our base oil is of the highest quality, with speciality selected additives based on years of research. Designed to suit your lubrication needs and operating environment.

Choosing your oil - simplicity and confidence

Choosing your oil couldn't be easier with Sterling Oil. Our oils are simply and clearly labelled. Look for the symbol that relates to your vehicle type and choose the oil type (eg. Synthetic or Mineral) and the grade (eg. SAE 5W 40) of oil that you need. Consult you vehicle documentation for the type and grade.

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Then choose from 1, 5 and 20 litre container sizes and that's it! No complication, no fuss. We guarantee that our oil will be suitable for your vehicle and will perform as well or better than any other leading brand.

More to come

We are continually expanding our range of oils and developing new products. Call back here soon to see our new range of transmission, machine and other oils. We're investing heavily and innovating hard for the future.