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We are Sterling Oil Limited

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Blended to Perfection in the UK

All our products are blended in the UK from the highest quality base oils. We blend this with the best additives, based on years of experience and research, to achieve the optimum performance and durability for your vehicle.

Simplicity is the key

Our approach is to keep oil selection simple. Many of our competitors have a bewildering range of products and charge a premium for 'speciality' oils. But the truth is that many of their oils are essentially the same. We aim to keep things simple. We guarantee our oils will perform as well or better than our competitors and we minimise the risk of you choosing the wrong oil for your engine. Simplicity is the the key. This is our mission.

Supplying globally

We are currently recruiting distributors in all regions of the world. If you feel your country would be a good market for a high quality, UK branded product with easy selection criteria, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch.